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Are you suffering with chronic pain? Are you unable to sleep or relax?
Are you experiencing unexplainable symptoms in your body that leave you feeling depressed, confused, tired, anxious, numb, sick with digestive issues or poor immune system, headaches or migraines? Have you been told there's nothing more that can be done for your situation?

If this is you then you have come to the right website. I know it can be difficult finding someone that knows how to work with the body as a whole unit - mind, body and spirit. I understand the importance of listening to what you have to say and being heard, in addition to what you are experiencing. Living with chronic pain or an illness changes peoples lives. As a bodyworker and trauma healing therapist I recognize the importance of bringing quality back into living.

My goal is to help relieve those unexplainable physiological symptoms, chronic pain, injuries and/or illnesses utilizing a variety of bodywork techniques. I believe in you and I believe the human body has an incredibly dynamic ability to manage and heal itself.
Welcome to Body Mind Resources
Bodywork and Trauma Healing Therapist
Shannon Wharton, CMT, SEP
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